Midori Japanese Restaurant


10% service charge will be added. All prices include VAT.
  • W01

    Salmon Box   Recommendable Delivery Available


    3pcs salmon sashimi,2pcs salmon nigiri and 6pcs salmon maki
  • W02

    Vegetarian Set   Vegeterian Delivery Available


    2pcs inari nigiri,3ps cucumber maki,3pcs oshiko maki and vegetarian roll
  • W03

    Salmon & Tuna deluxe   Recommendable Delivery Available


    3pcs salmon nigiri,3pcs tuna nigiri ,3pcs salmon maki and 3pcs tuna maki
  • W04

    Nigiri Plate   Recommendable Delivery Available


    9pcs nigiri
  • W05

    Sashimi and Sushi Tray   Recommendable Delivery Available


    9pcs sashimi,6pcs nigiri
  • W06

    Sushi Platter   Recommendable Delivery Available


    12pcs nigiri, 6pcs cucumber roll, 6pcs tuna roll, 6pcs salmon & avocado roll, 6pcs special california roll, 8pcs florida roll
- Our delivery service is available in N2, N6, N8, N10, N11, N12, N19, N22 (Within 2.5 Mile)
- Minimum order must be more than 18 pounds
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