Midori Japanese Restaurant


10% service charge will be added. All prices include VAT.
  • P01

    California roll   Recommendable Delivery Available


  • P02

    Salmon&Avocado roll   Recommendable Delivery Available


  • P03

    Vegetarian roll   Vegeterian Delivery Available


  • P04

    Special california roll   Delivery Available


    crabstick,avocado,flying fish roe,6pcs
  • P05

    Smoked salmon sushi sandwich   Recommendable Delivery Available


    smoked salmon,avocado,cheese,4pcs
  • P06

    Prawn tempura roll   Recommendable Delivery Available


    prawn tempura,cucumber,mayonnaise,8pcs
  • P07

    Florida roll   Delivery Available


    salmon,tuna,avocado,spring onion,8pcs
  • P08

    Crispy duck roll   Recommendable Delivery Available


    crispy duck,leek,cucumber,8pcs
  • P09

    Spider roll   Recommendable Delivery Available


    soft shell crab,avocado,cucumber,flying fish roe,8pcs
  • P10

    Crump roll   Spicy Food Delivery Available


    deep fried sushi roll with tuna,avocado,omelette,8pcs
  • P11

    Rainbow roll   Delivery Available


    crabstick,avocado,cucumber with assorted sashimi on top,8pcs
  • P12

    Fuji roll   Spicy Food Delivery Available


    spicy crabmeat,shrimp,cucumber with light grilled salmon on top,8pcs
  • P13

    Dragon roll   Recommendable Delivery Available


    deep fried prawn in bread crumbs,cucumber asparagus with avocado on top,8pcs
  • P14

    Midori Hill roll   Delivery Available


    avocado,omelette,cucumber with grilled,eel on top,8pcs
- Our delivery service is available in N2, N6, N8, N10, N11, N12, N19, N22 (Within 2.5 Mile)
- Minimum order must be more than 18 pounds
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